Have more than one vet avaliable for emergency available.  Emergency Tips Several emergency situations are common. The following recommendations could be valuable for you to know. MOST IMPORTANT IS THE WELL BEING OF YOUR PET.Hit by car – Try to let your dog stand up by itself. If you dog cannot, transfer it to a hard board for transporting if possible. Apply pressure to any wounds with soft gauze. Keep your dog warm to prevent shock by providing a blanket. An injured dog may bite, even people that it knows very well. Importantly use caution for the safety of both you and your dog. Seek medical attention for you dog quickly.Overheating – (NEVER LEAVE YOUR DOG OUT UNATTENDED) If you suspect you dog has collapsed from heat stress, start to cool it down with a cool water bath, fans, cold compresses, and or ice packs. Heat stress can happen quickly. You might use a water hose to run over you dog to cool dog his or her body heat. Do not allow the dog to drink until they are alert, they could choke from thickend saliva. Seek medical attention immediately.Minor Burns – Treat with cool water and seek medical attention.