Ear Mites

An ear mites is a tiny parasite that lives in the ear canal of puppies, dogs (and cats). The most noticeable sign of an ear mite infection is the scratching of the ears. Sometimes the puppies ears will appear dirty because of a dark material in the ear canal; this material is sometimes shaken out. The instrument a vet will use for examining the ear canals, an otoscope. It has the necessary magnification to allow a veterinary see the mites. Although they may leave the ear canals for short periods of time, they spend the vast majority of their lives within the protection of the ear canal. Transmission generally requires direct ear-to-ear contact. Ear mites are common in litters of puppies if their mother has ear mites. It is necessary for a veterinary to diagnose mite infestation or ear infection. There are medication which are necessary to treat the removable of ear mites.