One thing all puppies like to do is chewing. Puppies are trying to use their new teeth so chewing is a normal behavior. The puppy's baby teeth present themselves at about 4 weeks of age. The puppies baby teeth begin to fall out at 4 months of age and are replaced by the adult "permanent" teeth by about 6 months of age. Therefore, chewing is a something that you can expect until about 6-7 months of age. It is very important that you do what you can to direct your puppy's chewing toward acceptable objects. If you do not provide your puppy with appropriate toys then they will find other things to chew on. Some of these things your puppy might chew on could harm or kill your puppy, not to mention your furniture. You should provide items such as rawhide chew bones (only if you are present), nylon chew bones, and other chew toys. You might ask your veterinarian suggestions for chew toys.