Available Puppies

WOW reversals so rare and so many at one time is amazing and probably won’t ever happen again!!!!!
Three babies 4 days old, two reversals and one red and white baby. And babies being born “right now” four so far, one is black brindle white and 3 are reversals. I think she has three more to go. Both Mommas are very proud. We don’t check the sex or handle them much other than change bedding we let mommas have bonding time for around 10 days so there will not be individual photos taken during this period.

I wanted to update the two doggies that we saved last fall. One we call Princess is the larger one, she was left in a cage with another pup with no way out and they would have died, she was thin and now as you can see is plump and is very sassy. She needs a family who loves to give and receive love and playtime. She is dominate but doesn’t jump up on people, she will need to be placed with a family as a single pet family or another who isn’t dominant. The other is a blonde beagle I call Beagle Bailey. She was left as the family moved and they left her loose along with her mother which was killed by a car. The pup was wild and I caught her she is a cutie and playful. She gets along with (any) others dogs extremely well and loves to play. She is still a tad shy with people and will need someone on one with someone who wants a loving caring family devoted girl. Her mother tracked rabbits. If anyone is interested please let me know. We have had them throughout the winter and they must have a good family, we care about all fur kids and want the best for them. 

Only to be picked up locally.