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Welcome to Karen and Sandy Boston Terrier website. We are located in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks. We breed Boston Terriers at carefully selected times of the year. It is our goal to only breed lovable, healthy, well mannered Boston Terrier puppies through a selective process, to ensure that your puppy will be a welcomed part of the family. Our babies are nurtured and cared for in our home around the clock to give them personal attention and love. Our Boston Terrier puppies have made wonderful additions to families throughout the United States and Canada.The Boston Terrier the most beloved and recognized breeds. Boston Terriers exhibit courage, faithfulness, and true dedication; we have devoted all our time and love into the Boston Terrier breed. Though Boston Terrier is a popular breed you should not bring tone into your family without first asking this question Why do you want a Boston Terrier? One of the best ways to determine if you are a good candidate for Boston Terrier is to look into your own lifestyle and personality. The Boston Terrier is devoted to their owners. They require human companionship whether it is sitting on the couch or taking a jog. If you are not prepared for big wet slobbery kisses or listening to the music. If outdoors are your thing whether it is boating, jogging, camping or playing in the park, the Boston Terrier will be your best friend. The Boston terrier puppies love to chew, providing them with adequate teething rings and rubber bones should be a must. The Boston Terrier do not tolerate the bitter cold or deadly heat and should not be left unattended outside; The Boston Terrier as a companion can help lower blood pressure, assist with coping with stress and make us more alert. The companionship between you and your pet will cement a loving bond between the two of you that can not be replaced they are a part of your family!If you think that you are ready to add a Boston Terrier into your family then please consider one of our pre-spoiled and health certified babies. Take the time to call us and don’t be afraid to ask questions, one of these babies could possibly be a part of your family. If you are interested in one of our Boston Terrier puppies and want to get more information please feel free to contact us by phone or email. We want to hear from you. If you email us and do not hear from us within that day please call as we did not receive your email. We take a great effort in responding to your questions in a timely manner.Our adult females are up for adoption when available. Check our website for availability and information regarding our females. We take great pride in our pets. After 3 to 4 litters, our mothers are spayed and after approval are adopted into loving homes.Recently thieves have used our website to scam people into sending money for puppies they obviously don’t own. We have a watermark on our pictures that has an authentic email address on it. We send new pictures of our puppies when you need assurance that you are dealing with us.

K & S Boston Terriers are delighted to show you our latest addition of Boston Terrier puppies and have presented the puppies along with their proud parents. K & S Boston Terrier puppies can and will improve your lives, filling them full of joy and excitement. The first 12 weeks of life for a Boston Terrier puppy are extremely important and determine a puppies personality and sociability. Our Boston Terrier puppies are picked up, petted and handled in a loving manner to ensure positive socialization at an early age. Our Boston Terrier puppies are raised as part of our family; they are accustomed to children and other animals at our home. Our Boston Terrier puppies are filled full of positive reinforcement from day one. It is essential to provide our Boston Terrier puppies with the love and care they all deserve.

We accept payment by Paypal and most major credit cards.

Shipping will be different than ever in the past. Air shipping will be an extremely difficult option for our Boston babies due to new regulations so we will rely on our own personal ground transportation (they do not have any professional ground shipping accepting anyone due to extremely high demand or that we trust) and will consider in-cabin travel with certain airlines with a passenger as that is the only way they can fly now (which will mean roundtrip for new owner or one of us as a passenger). We have personally shipped our babies with our own vehicle ourselves in the past if it is within our limits making the cost vary as well. We apologize for this huge change but it is completely out of our hands, was expected yet wasn’t expected to happen this soon. But we can make it happen. Personal new owner pick up will always be the same price of 650.00 but again our shipping prices will depend on the method of travel and/or location. Babies will not be ready until the second week of July so we have some time to prepare ourselves for gathering prices for personally driving your new baby and will post ASAP. In-cabin crate w/person prices will vary according to location/date and will be the more expensive option. I understand this is quite a lot to take in as it is for us but due to new U.S. regulations this is what it has come down to. Keep in mind Pet Store prices will skyrocket due to shipping as well and as before the puppies history at a pet store in unknown and personally think this will increase backyard breeding. We will do our best to be reasonably priced always respectful and as always you will be updated weekly as we have done for so many years. For those who don’t know us look at our page and ask others about us. We do not have numerous dogs breeding like a processing plant, we do not have multiple breeds. We have a few selected group of fur kids a wonderful relationship with our vet and we have spent so many years creating our reputation. 
Thank you all for your time reading this message and being patient with the new changes.